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2 min readFeb 26, 2021

BatTrueDollar started as a meme coin forked from bDollar which is a fork of BasisCash.”. Currently it is in the midst of a rebrand to become a true & functioning algorithmic stablecoin to be known as BOLT_Dollar. The unknown developer forked the original code from BasisCash & ported it to Binance Smart Chain with a stated intention of developing a currency for GameFi and then for unknown reasons abandoned the project passing over the keys to the contracts to the community leaders.

These individuals Purplezky, Salt Miner, ShiratamaLemon, to name just a few, are building out the project rebrand with a new website using the existing contracts for Bolt Dollar; Bolt Share & the Bolt Bonds. The latter which will be dealt with differently than in the original system. Details are to be announced.

Bolt_Dollar is to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization ( DAO ) with code & governance developed by Solidity developer Purplezky who is well known in the crypto algo-stable community for his engagement as a bounty manager for MithCash which is the pre-eminent algorithmic stablecoin being developed for DeFi aggregators on the Ethereum blockchain ,which represents powerful inside connections indeed.

ETH gas fees are prohibitively expensive as ETH hits new All_Time_Highs , so a parallel project on Binance Smart Chain where gas costs less than 0.04c per transaction is a welcome alternative as each chain needs stable coins to engage in Defi yield farming. Therefore this community’s aim is to create BoltDollar to trade around the peg to 1 US dollar ($0.98-$1.02) for use throughout the BSC ecosystem of Automated Market Makers & Yield Farms.

Collaborations are being bridged for other use-cases for the Bolt_Dollar, one of which is farming yield on . Thugs is rumoured to be in the pipeline.

Any project manager or bounty hunter who thinks they have a project that could symbiotically benefit from collaboration is encouraged to send a referral to: proposal to the projects Governance channel on Discord server:

Milestones reached so far in rebrand

* New website: Boltdollar

* Developed vFat tools for Bolt_Dollar

Useful links Website: Boltdollar



Farm APY information:


Contract addresses



External Farms:

This is not financial advice. Always DYOR before investing. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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Writer(s): Discord member stonesourcery#4429.

Website: Boltdollar




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