February 22nd, 2021

Bolt Dollar is an algorithmic stablecoin on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that serves innovation and growth of the BSC ecosystem.

Bolt Dollar started as a meme coin forked from bDollar which is fork of BasisCash then named Bat True Dollar, an ambitious project launched in January 2021 that stalled after a rocky start. The developer of Bat True Dollar decided that instead of letting the project go to waste, the community could take over development of the project and continue where they left off. Putting together their collective talents, the community rallied around a new concept…

March 23rd, 2021

As every product manager can attest roadmaps can be a fickle thing. The dev team wants to work in peace while they build their solution, stakeholders are clamoring for ‘feature X’ and then there’s the sales department that has sold that same feature before it left the design phase. On the BSC DeFi scene there’s also another factor: thousands of investors that are active in Telegram or Discord and who are (rightfully so) emotional about the state of their investment.

The issue with roadmaps is that people tend to see the represented items / dates as ‘facts’…

BatTrueDollar started as a meme coin forked from bDollar which is a fork of BasisCash.”. Currently it is in the midst of a rebrand to become a true & functioning algorithmic stablecoin to be known as BOLT_Dollar. The unknown developer forked the original code from BasisCash & ported it to Binance Smart Chain with a stated intention of developing a currency for GameFi and then for unknown reasons abandoned the project passing over the keys to the contracts to the community leaders.

These individuals Purplezky, Salt Miner, ShiratamaLemon, to name just a few, are building out the project rebrand with…

Bolt Dollar

Bolt Dollar (https://boltdollar.finance) a community controlled algorithmic stablecoin on the binance smart chain.

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